Art 3 final portfolio.

art 3 final.                                                            Nora Salama

1) success: which project was your most successful. use two of the artistic behaviors to explain your answer. include photo.
How did you respond to challenges that occurred as you worked? 

Did your work take an unexpected turn due to a mistake or did something happen that was unplanned?

i believe this was my most successful project i have done in art 3 honors class, not because it looks the best, rather because it took a lot of dedication and i am proud of the outcome and i love how it turned out even with all of its flaws. when i was faced with challenges, for example, the melted crayons melting together, or the crayons sliding down the canvas rather than staying. i would respond by slowing down easily and try to position the canvas in ways the crayon would come out right. the project needed a lot of patience and time, and i had overcome it. that is a big reason why this is my favorite and most successful i have done yet.  thankfully, the fact that i was using crayon, i was able to fix a mistake by carving out the crayon or melting it some more. i wouldn't give up on a mistake and leave it as it is.

Did you ask another student for feedback during your work process?

Did someone help you understand important information or inspire you?

 many students would stop by my project to see what i was doing. some because they were curious, others because of the loud sound the heat gun was making :D some students recommended to help out, bu ti wanted to take the project seriously by myself. a student recommended to tape the crayons to a ruler so that i do not burn my finger while using the heat gun.i t was really beneficial especially that the heat gun was unbelievably hot you couldn't have your finger in front of it for more than 2 seconds .

2) do over: if given the opportunity, which project would you do over? describe why and how you would redo this project. reasons might include choosing a different theme, using a different medium or creating a different idea completely. include photo.

i faced a lot of issues with the project. mostly the way i approached this project. i feel like this project look very childish and it is defiantly not my best. it was my very first project in art 3. I guess you could say i got better over time in this class. i was not taking this project seriously. i had a lot of issues with the window and the laptop.
if i would redo it i would defiantly choose another medium. i would probably choose colored pencil. the colors would be more clear and less mistakes.

i gained many skills in my mistakes. i learned that i didn't have to use acrylic paint in all of my projects and i could just give other mediums attention just as well an learn to use them wisely.

3)   medium: which medium did you most enjoy working with and why? which medium did you not use but wish you had explored?
 i really enjoyed working with anything watercolor. paint is fun but messy and colored pencils are very tiring and require a lot of work. water color was just basically in between of the messiness. i was also very calming and wasn't very bright and shining like all colors and you can make different shades instead of it ll looking like a big block of the same color.

4) sketchbook: pick any warm-up from your sketch book that you found beneficial, interesting, or simply felt you handled well. describe the activity and reason for selecting it above the others.
i felt like i was very  creative with the project in terms of the line directions and the way i handled the project. i really like how i got the lines that were already detaching from the rope look realistic. i really like how it is black and white also it makes it look very cool/ the project is defiantly my favorite from my sketchbook.

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