Monday, February 24, 2014

Appropriation final

4. Artists take risks.

- try new things

- experiment

Did you try something that you weren’t sure about as part of this project?

Did you pick a material or technique that was new or different over something that was familiar?
I have never done anything cartoon-like, or comedy before in one of my arts so that was defiantly risk taking since though I might not come together on not well planned. I tried doing the window in the apple and I felt like it would take away the art from the actual work or it would distract it. I wasn't very sure about doing the rays of light coming out of the laptop but it came togethrer. maybe not like how id hoped but it still looks nice.
I stepped back and looked at my art work when i had painted the apple and laptop i wanted to see if it was well put. 
I liked my work and my progress until i started doin it a little sloppy. 
2. The techniques i used was water color. I used it sometimes without the water to give it a contrastin color. 

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