Friday, January 3, 2014

Flower girl!

1. How did you show amusement and variety in your piece? Explain your 

choice of subject matter and how you created a unified piece of art.

I showed amusement by the hair i had in the piece and and variety in the different flowers everywhere on her head

2. Describe your experience with using mixed media. What mixed media did you use for your piece?

I really enjoyed doing this projecta lot  because there was a lot of color involved and  i loved piecing the flowers and doing the 3D shirt.  

3. What role did our lessons on visual journaling play in the success of your piece? Explain.

The colors if the different flowers and in her eyes showed visual journaling

4. Discuss any challenges you experienced and how you overcame obstacles. I had a lot of challenges with the 3D shirt and piecing the flower sizes to specific places. 

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